Monday, August 07, 2006

I Still Remember.........

As if it was yesterday

When we all bunked class

And everybody’s phone rang

The angry voice roared

And somebody said, ‘Uncle!!’.

As if it was yesterday

When in middle of serious class

dean tucked his shirt in

remembered till now as greatest sin.

And somebody said, “What’s this?!”

As if it was yesterday

When we woke up early

to line up in front of library

those pushes, those shovels

just for books we never read.

As if it was yesterday

When we all fought; on reasons

Petty enough but never sought.

We stopped talking, to talk later

Books again being the baiter.

As if it was yesterday

When we went to functions

Those jokes, those extended laughs

Those incarnated hero’s, those disputes

And that train ride from Ghaziabad.

As if it was yesterday

When we went to McDonalds

Those live romantic movies

Eliciting comments and reviews from we,

Heartless souls, digging into their burgers.

As if it was yesterday

When we went to Shimla

That comedy of errors

Those beautiful sceneries by nature

That ugly bus ride and fuming project guides.

As if it was yesterday

When we celebrated together

Those plannings on table

Those long dance parties

Those freshers and lovely farewells.

As if it was yesterday

When we cried together

You my be a boy or a girl,

But you cried for those times

Ol’ times which we spent together.

I still remember..

As if it was yesterday


Blogger SHREEJ said...

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1:21 AM  
Blogger anshika said...

This one's really awesome.......
Tho' I dont belong to ur batch but have experienced the same experiences thru these years.......

This poem basically covers everything each one of us experience at IP...
Real gud work sir!!

1:28 PM  

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